Alps Biotech, the Mount Blanc in the biotech industry
Alps Biotechnology is a biotech company whose main goal is to develop new drugs and whose focus is the research of natural products and biochemistry. It has persistently committed to the development of new drugs and test reagents, as well as the research and development of healthy products. Alps Biotech also provides various professional technology services, such as protein separation, purification, and identification.

In recent years, Alps Biotechnology has achieved outstanding results in its early research of new drugs and the efficacy of natural products based on solid bio-organic and biochemical research.

Early-stage cancer screening, immunotherapy, and the development of biological vaccines will be prioritized as its long-term goals in the near future. Integrating its research results of natural products, these treatments will help cancer patients, enhance treatment effectiveness, and improve quality of life, thus gradually achieving the company’s vision to bring benefits to human health.

Improving people’s health and the quality of life has always been our mission:

World-class researches of genomics,
proteomics, and bioinformatics
Full experiences in the research and development
of new drugs at different fields
Advantages of management experiences from global healthcare
and life-science team

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